Tuesday, July 05, 2005

And all the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men couldn't put DJ Fully back together again

In my first diatribe (which, surely, no one read because they were too freaked out by me…and me in the photo that accompanied it), I mentioned “the tools and fools that make you wiggle and giggle that make the [karaoke] experience that much better.”

Hello, my name is Steve, and I’m a tool.

The appeal of Zapatos, I think, lies in the ambiance. If there’s anything good that can come out of the drought we’ve been in these last few weeks, it's the clear nights at karaoke. Huddling with the masses inside the cramped confines of the bar with speakers blaring and rain pouring is not my (or most’s) idea of a fun night. But bring the noise and the funk outside under the clear, starry night, and it becomes a heavenly evening under the heavens...

And, in some cases, under a small patio roof…

Damn it.

There is, indeed, one part of the outdoor area that is covered. A few wood planks and a canvas beer banner won’t do much to protect someone from the rain, but again, it’s part of the atmosphere.

So C-Money, D-Gert, E-Mix and I are called to wow the crowd with our better-than-Corn-Chunk version of Motownphilly. There’s a mass of chairs and a mass of people that have massed in the paths out of where we’re sitting underneath this portico. I see two seats in my way, but no butts in them, so I decide to step onto and over them. And for some flair, I decide to do a little leap off them.

I stand 6’1”. The chair’s seat was probably two feet off the ground. And I probably leap another foot or two into the air. I would have leapt higher, but that’s all the roof would let me.

Yes, my head went crashing into one of the planks, sending me straight down to the dirt and onto my ass.

Of course, most people just saw me on my rear in the aftermath and thought I had tripped over the chairs. So when I was barely able to stand on stage, leaning on E-Mix and the sound system, asking if I was bleeding, no one gave me the light of day.

“Very funny, Steve…acting like you’re hurt or something…haha…da do do da da…”

It was only when I was in a lapse of consciousness that I was able to relay that my less-than-sensible cranium had been rattled.

So to anyone who took a dirt and gravel shower from me hitting it…hard…my apologies. I’m just glad I was able to provide a little bit of unintentional humor for the evening.

Oh, and now I can’t do math. Apparently, I couldn’t do it before.


Blogger KaraokeKing said...

Yeah, it was Freaking Hilarious...In fact the best part was when you decided to jump up after it and shout "SAFE!".

11:56 AM  
Blogger ~ meg ~ said...

smoooooooth ~ hope your head feels better~

11:01 AM  

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