Sunday, July 03, 2005

Before the Show: with the artist formerly known as Lindsey

All up in my grill
My palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, There's vodka on my sweater already, Oklahoma Willie, I’m nervous, but on the surface I look calm and ready, To drop bombs, but I keep on forgetting, What I learned now, the whole crowd goes so loud, I open my mouth, but the words won't come out...But that is mainly due to mic problems

We caught up with White Chocolate, the artists formerly known as Lindsey, before The KaraokeKrew Fourth of July, Four Day Tour began and asked her how she deals with being the leading Karaoke Diva.

Emixalot: What do you do to prepare for a show?

White Chocolate:I do a run-through of the song a few times before leaving if it's a new song that I haven't done before. If it's a song that I have already performed, I just listen to it in my truck on the way to Zapatos. And when I get to the concert, I have to at least have a few drinks in loosen up my lips in order to move them fast enough for the faster songs.

Emixalot:When did you know you had a gift of having a quick tongue?

White Chocolate: Hahahaha!! That could be interpreted wierd...which was probably your intention. Well the first song I ever tried to rap was "Roll Out" I guess Junior year of High School but if you ask some of my ex-boyfriends, they will say much earlier than that.

Emixalot: Who is your biggest Idol?

White Chocolate: Besides you? Definitely Ludacris. He's so awesome...words can't describe his gangsta ways, but he is "off the hook" (that was really white...but I can get away with it because I'm mixed...hence the name White Chocolate).

Emixalot: Who is your biggest Enemy?

White Chocolate:Those that think I suck or say my friends suck...yea you know who you are.NIBLETT

Emixalot: Are there any things you do as rituals before shows?

White Chocolate: I will not go up and rap I definitely have to have a beer or shot before. Thats the closest to rituals as I can get. Plus I wear the same thong for every show.

Emixalot: Tell us what kind of guy interests you? ( know for our fans)

White Chocolate: Uhhhh seriously? OK. A guy who is confidentenough to come talk to me (I hate guys who think I'm intimidating...I'll talk to just about anyone with money); a gentleman; and of course someone LONG tall. But most importantly someone who can make me laugh and smile all the time. Oh yea...they definitely have to like rap!!

Emixalot: What is your pre-show meal?

White Chocolate: Honestly...I usually don't eat anything before because then I get a little tipsy faster and then I rap better. Like I said...alcohol loosens up my know...for rap.

Emixalot: How do you deal with all the attention?

White Chocolate: I am pretty humble about it. I just say thanks and am pretty flattered. Because, in all honesty, I don't think I am all that great. I could be better. I don't know.

Emixalot: What is your favorite Dollar Shot?

White Chocolate: Royal Fuck...because it feels oh so good coming down my throat. haha!!

To which I shook my head...but kinda smiled cause I liked the comment

Emixalot: One final thought, any words for young (emerging) rappers?

White Chocolate:Start with slower songs and work your way up to Twista rhymes. Learn one verse at a time...and by then you should have the song memorized and as long as you have it memorized, I think you could rap it as fast as you want. It works for me.


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I like the platinum fronts... nice touch

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nice grill

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damn this girl sounds hot...she seems like the coolest person ever!! haha

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you da bomb diggity girlfriend!!!

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