Friday, July 01, 2005

C-Money on top of Women

I want it Nice and Slow, Poltergeist
This is a Karaoke Krew Exclusive interview with C-Money on how exactly he picks up the ladies, and how he makes it look so easy.

Emixalot: So C-Money, three girls in one night. Tell us how drunk they were to talk to you it happened.

C-Money: Well, the night was just like any other. I decided to dress to impress that night. I normally just wear a tshirt, but tonight I try something different. There's a guy who also shows up at karaoke every night, his name is P-doogy. Talk about a small cock world. I met him about a year ago at a friends Gay Pride party. So that night he was sitting with a group of friends and some lovely HOES ladies. So I asked him to introduce me to them. Lindsey was the first one I met. With Lindsey were two of her friends, Kim and Julie. Kim is the young one who just turned 21 and the other two are already of drinking age. But as I say, If there is grass on the field...Play Ball So I sit with them and begin my flirting. Its hard with three girls because I am trying to give equal attention to them but also trying to figure out which one I like and should go after. I mean all I want to go is go home with them and hit it Kim is the cutest of the bunch but I just did not get a good vibe from her. Lindsey was the next cutest but she was really shy and quiet. Julie was the one I thought I would go for. After all she did have the Biggest Rack. She seemed really interested in me and so seemed more like my type.

Emixalot: What is your type?

C-Money: Short, long hair, Huge Rack easy going, Huge Rack talkative, just someone Huge Rack to have fun with.

Emixalot: So what happened by the end of the night?

C-Money: Well after being distracted by some friends who will remain nameless, Megan, Emixalot, Steve I got Lindsey's number and told them I hope to see yall out here that next Wednesday. So we can have a threesome

Emixalot: So why only one number?

C-Money: Cause I am an Idiot Well it would been awkward to ask for all three so since Lindsey was the one I first met, I asked for hers and got it.

Emixalot: So what happened that following Wednesday night?

C-Money: So Kim and Lindsey show up but not Julie. I talked to them for a while but nothing really came out of it. I did talk more with Kim and go to know her a little better. if you know what I mean That night I told her I would sing her a song on her birthday. In my birthday suit

Emixalot: Did you ever get Kims number?

C-Money: Actually, yes. Yes I did. Two days later on Friday night I went to northgate for a friends bday celebration. I went straight to the ATM to get some cash and guess who walks by? Kim! I had called Lindsey that night to invite them out but she never called me back. I didn't mind...I don't need them...I have them lining up at my door. After telling Kim this, she turns to me and says, "Oh you need my number." And then puts it in my phone.

Emixalot: Did you sing to Kim on her birthday?

C-Money: Yes I did and I was a little drunk. I sang Nice and Slow by Usher. It probably sucked but I think she liked it. I got to dance with her while I was singing which made all the guys jealous.

Emixalot: NO it didn't Nice! So any luck with Kim or Lindsey so far?

C-Money: Not really. Cause I am a toolThey come out to karaoke now all the time. My goal is to get them to sing something before the end of the summer. I will might ask one of them to dinner but I am just playing it cool for now.

Emixalot: Well thanks for the time C-Money. You are an inspiration to us all.

Please take time to read the whole interview.


Blogger SJF_Hoosier said...

You learn so much about a person when you read between...and underneath the lines.

10:35 PM  
Blogger SJF_Hoosier said...

Oh, btw...why are you singing to the possessed? Is that part of your sentence?

12:18 AM  
Blogger shorty329 said...

So I hear you like short girls with long hair! *wink wink*

8:47 PM  

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