Friday, July 01, 2005

Candy 95.1 FM Debut: Timberlake Wannabe

I want to be him
The bigger the star the bigger the target. Next thing you know we will be accused of having sleepovers with 9 year olds.

Kanye West/Jamie Foxx/Twista...Never sounded as good. Emixalot and Lindsey (currently working on a suitable title) took Slow Jamz to the stage and the crowd went wild. Even a little known krew hailing from Kandy 95 couldn't stop going crazy over our white chocolate. So impressed with Lindsey's Street cred, they get her number hoping to have the local celeb on their show...
Niblett is wrapping up his radio show and probably his 7th pizza of the night, when he calls out Lindsey before he plays Slow Jamz. He is raving about her fast tongue and mad skillz...but then drops a bomb on all of us.

"The only problem with the performance was her boyfriend...Lookin all Justin Timberlake with his sweatband on his arm...front tucked in...holding his belt."
I, the Karaoke King, got called out by Niblett. I don't much mind due to the fact that...Hey Justin looks alright and sounds even better. I mean Niblett had trouble keeping up with Motown Philly...I mean seriously...BLOW ME.

But hey Lindsey and her mad Skillz got props all over the airwaves to all 9 people that actually enjoy the Niblett radio show.

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  • Send the Tool a letter. Either complaining about his lack of respect to the King or complaining about his lack of Motown Philly Skills.

    Blogger dantheman said...

    Dude, why's he hafta be hatin'?! I went to his profile on the K95 website. Check out his sure explains a lot...

    3:30 PM  
    Blogger SJF_Hoosier said...

    Evan singing Slow Jams with Lindsay = phatness

    Niblett...well, doing anything = fatness

    Damn that tub...

    3:57 PM  
    Blogger dudeucankissmyass said...

    that guy is a dumb fuck - you can't really take anything he says seriously... i mean the guys got bigger boobs than I do. After seeing him in person the other night I can understand why he is on the radio instead of TV.....enough said

    7:26 PM  
    Blogger dudeucankissmyass said...

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7:30 PM  
    Blogger SJF_Hoosier said...

    That's funny, because after seeing me, everyone doesn't understand why I'm not on radio.

    Actually, I think he bares a resemblance to Carson Daly...if he ate Quddus...and Damien.

    I hope no one gets that.

    12:28 AM  
    Blogger ~ meg ~ said...

    oh by the way evan ~ whoever gave you the idea of putting your name on JT's chest must be the most coolest girl in the whole word. I mean someone who could come up with that kind of gold should be worshiped..... wink wink

    10:58 AM  

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