Thursday, July 07, 2005

Day Four of the Tour

RECAP: Day 4
Well The First tour is in the books...And now some much earned R&R. This will hopefully be my last Rap up joke for a while. So tell your mom I will be there in a minute and read about the Grand Finale...

I think we could call night four of the Tour, the Night that almost never happened. Tragedy struck before the night even had a chance...The PC decided it wasn't really in the mood for a fourth night of touring so it stopped for about an hour. I think the real problem was that the Karaoke Krew were all working til then and the PC was just giving us time to make it to the show. But luckily someone's magic touch got that machine kickin again and we were off for the Marathon finish. Also something must have been in the water at POETS cause half the crew was either Hung over or sick this morning which resulted in a smaller than usual crowd for the Finale but did that stop us....UM, NO.

No Cry Me a River tonight....BUMMER.

White Chocolate decided to take the night off on night 3, which cost us about half our crowd that night, but we recovered I suppose. But tonight, she took to the stage -- no holds barred, lucky thong on -- Ready to kick some SHHHHH--. She pulled out all the stops for the finale and did the best "Slow Jamz" ever. Once again, I couldn't have been happier being her back up dancer. It was amazing -- Hey Niblett, eat that. Although, I guess he did say she was good and I was the one that perhaps that was a not needed comment...Oh well. I was on fire too so there.

No Istanbul tonight....BUMMER.

On top of that smooth white chocolate, it turns out the Infamous Shelly B can flow futuristic also, bustin out her version of Roll Out. And the Council of Karaoke Elders (Emix and D-Gert) decided that those two must just sit at home in bikinis and freestyle battle against each other...I kinda thought it wierd they called their place THE SHELTER, but never really thought anything of it. that was an 8Mile joke by the way

Listen to me
I also enjoyed the many opening acts we had this evening...Mainly anyone with a recording contract -- the next Lee Ann WHINES -- or anyone thinking they can jam better than the Karaoke Krew.

No Space Jam tonight....BUMMER.

Diddy Sound
Another well played Finale move was another Virgin Performance by none other than Sean aka Diddy Sound. Pulling out a little VooDoo to make the ladies melt and the guys wishin they were him. Once again, the night was capped with an excellent cherry pop.

Something has been troubling me and since this is my Blog I will write about it here. Well actually been troubling my friend. How exactly does one take out contacts when they are drunk? If you have an answer they would love to hear it. Just post a comment and let us know.

No TimberFAKE shirt tonight....BUMMER. (well actually this one really is sad, although the AVAILABLE shirt was way cool.)

I would like to thank all of you who came out and supported the First ever Karaoke Krew Tour and we look forward to doing it for you all again soon. Just a heads up...You can look forward to some top ten lists by your hostess' Dusty and Caylin (My hot, white, dred-less Future), the C-Money Money Shot-o-the week, and more interviews from some of today's hottest Karaoke Talents. And if you have any story ideas let us know. We would love to hear them, we will probably take total credit for it if it is good and if it sucks well then you won't see it on here and then you will know you are dumb. that was a bit harsh

And remember, Sun, Mon and Wed. at Zapatos and Tues. at POETS There is no reason we can't tour again real soon.


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