Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Day One of the Tour

RECAP: Day 1
A recap of night one by the King, a RAP up if you will (and yes I just said that)

Now granted we all have our stories and in fact I will just highlight the night. The entire Krew will be adding INdepth INsight INto each of the happenings that I will just briefly discuss here...

So a News Director and a Telethon intern walk into a bar...You know this would have been a better joke, but unfortunatley it is very very true, and in a way, very very sad. After a telethon at the station I ask one of the workers for her number and decide the best first outing would be Karaoke Night. So I call her and invite her to join us. She says she will, but she needs to check with her friends. Well she did show up and as I alluded to in the first line...She showed up with my boss, 9 years her senior. (not a big age difference...I mean Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise and doing fine I am sure.) Well I did tell the girl he was forty, which maybe wasn't the best idea because I am sure she was relieved to hear he was only 32 Oh well, in the words of D-Gert...and I am quoting, well not really but I will say I am, "I mean give the dog a bone, it's not like you are starving"...and if you know me, then you know that is very very true. And like Joe said, He did just get out of a long relationship...and he and Tim are handling the break up very well. But I digress...

Steve totally slides into home plate...The only problem....A) No one was playing Baseball. B)There was no home plate and C)I didn't take a picture...But you can read about it
  • HERE.

  • Another "get everyone's freaking attention move" was a little song and dance performed for yours truely. Caylin (she is one of the hosts...kinda like Future in 8mile, except she isn't black, she doesn't have dreds, and there is no free style battling going on...so maybe that was a bad comparison) decided to sing one of her greatest hits...that being, Hanky Panky Guy...and she sang it to me. Which was totally okay, cause I got to give her a little spanky, and yes...it was as great as everyone says (I didn't mean it like that, well actually yes I did, but I really didn't mean it). Now I thought she was just being nice and singing to me, but turns out that was her way of saying, "Want a job?", because moments after that I was asked if I would be interested in joining the Bad Ass Karaoke Krew. I was very flattered by the notion and we will see where that whole venture takes us.

    But on a lighter note...HA...Lindsey, aka White Chocolate, laughed so hard at a joke I told, she peed her pants. Well that isn't exactly what happened, in fact I am not sure any of us will ever really know what exactly happened, but you can check out the Battle Royale between White Chocolate vs. The Infamous Shelly B as they go head to head in a Point/Counterpoint on the situatuion
  • HERE.

  • And in this week's "Stupid Human Tricks" (thanks Dave) D-gert brings us the story of two wayward T-sips who get drunk way too early and don't know the words to any of the songs they sing...and are way too proud of hailing from Austin. Check it out
  • HERE.

  • So as they say in the Karaoke Business, "Day one is in the books, and that's a RAP. (I got to use it again...HA HA HA...plus, I don't think anyone in the business says that.)


    Anonymous kln said...

    dont get too excited emix...i let everyone slap my ass before i offer them a job :)

    9:25 PM  
    Blogger KaraokeKing said...

    You told me I was special...But the stuff that happened after everyone left...I think that was special treatment...You told me it was...

    9:50 AM  

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