Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Day Three of the Tour

RECAP: Day 3
Only one more night and the first ever KaraokeKrew Forth of July, Four Day Tour will be over...But til then we have a RAP up of Day Three...Here's to new beginnings...

The POETS kick off. We popped POETS cherry. I could probably stop there and that would be kinda fun to wonder about, but I won't. Here are the highlights.

C-money...Hook a brother up. I mean this guy got more play than Michael Jackson at a Elementary school. (I couldn't resist...MJ knows I love him, he also knows not to try anything with me...although I am a bit old for him). I think Day Three should be dubbed The C-Money Show: Starrring: C-Money, Co-starring: C-Money, with Back up vocals by C-Money...oh yeah and Dj Fully. Homeboy sang it up all night. Which is cool, I mean it is better he did all that when there were so few of us. But an interesting turn of events happened when C-Money had so much time on the mic...We turned into Country Money. I don't know how bright that is, but you can read more about that soon.

I wish there was more to report but none of us got to sing since C-Money wouldn't let anyone else on the mic.

Just Playin...Gosh CT is gonna kill me after all of this.

Another highlight for the night was a debut solo performance from ARTEMIS PRIME, with his version of Ring Of Fire. I have to admit not a bad song choice for a solo debut...and homeboy knows how to order up some Water Moccasins, oh and Pints of Bud light in a Bottle...Well maybe not.

I was introduced as "Bad Ass' very own"...which in a way was a little exciting. I mean, Emixalot really should be a household name anyway. And I don't just mean in sorority houses.

This is all I got for the night. I felt the kick off at POETS was a lot of fun and I look forward to more nights there...It is sorta like the Cool People's Ugly's.

p.s. If I have forgotten a pivotal point in the evening...let me know.


Blogger txweatherman said...

You are just jealous you dont have the range of vocal talent like I do! Hey, I got shafted last week when I only sang one song so I was due for a break through night.

4:50 PM  
Anonymous kln said...

what can i say...c-money's hot, i love watching him shake his sweet virgin ass on the stage....oh, and i finally got a good view...

2:07 AM  

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