Saturday, July 23, 2005

Real Men Of Genius...This doesn't include Niblett...Or does it?

Thanks Niblett
Now I understand that Niblett and the King are no longer fueding -- no, really -- but I just wanted to let everyone know that Bud Light weighed in on the side of The King and I thought everyone should know.

Bud Light Presents Real Men of Genius (Real Men of Genius)
Today we salute you Mr. Jean Shorts Inventor (Mr. Jean Shorts Inventor)
People insisted that jeans were just pants, apparently those people underestimated your out-of-the-box thinking (A fashion trail blazer)
Casual enough for a BBQ, formal enough for a family reunion, your multi-dimensional creation handles both duties with ease (You just said DOODY)
And what should we call your ground breaking achievement? How about Jorts? (We really love your jorts)
So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Mr. Jorts Inventor
If fashion's a war, you're fighting dirty. (Mr. Jorts Inventor)

The audio for the Ad is HERE, along with all of the other Real Men of Genius ads.

Thanks for the heads up Hot, White, Dred-less Future.
And thanks, of course, to you, Mr. Real Men of Genius Jingle Writer.


Blogger whitechocolate17 said...

I think y'all two...E-mix & D-Gert...are the REAL men of genius...and not to mention hot!!

12:15 AM  

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