Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Women on top of C-Money

C-Money who?
As most of you know, C-Money somehow picked up three chicks in one night. No -- really I promise he did. So after getting his version of the events, we sat down with those lovely ladies and asked them their thoughts on local TV's most eligable bachelor -- er, weatherman. Anyways...

Karaoke Krew: Tell me in your own words what REALLY happened that first night at karaoke.

The HOT CHICKS: Well, we were sitting there enjoying a couple drinks besides Kim, because she was “One of the young ones that CT always seems to attract” and enjoying the nice night air with our friend P-Doogie. When all of a sudden, this random FREAKIN HOT guy is asking P-Doogie to introduce him to us, like we didn’t know what was going on….We have seen better covert ops skills from Pee-Wee Herman in a movie theatre So C-Money comes up and starts being the playa he is and chatting it up with the three of us. And then he dropped the bomb that he was in fact, the local weatherman. We were star struck! So the evening continued and we don’t really remember what was discussed something about raining 9 inches, but before you know it, good ole C-money had his hands on Lindsay’s back-door front phone and was entering his phone number. That sneaky little boy had called his phone from Lindsay’s to get her number

Karaoke Krew: Were the other girls jealous that C-Money only wanted Lindsay’s number?

The HOT CHICKS:Actually we sorta felt sorry for her YES! We talked about it for the next few days non stop. But Kim had a plan in the back of her head. She was going to give him her number some how!

Karaoke Krew: So when was the next time that you saw C-Money?

The HOT CHICKS: The next Friday night, C-Money had called Lindsay. She was suffering from a blonde moment and thought her phone was set on vibrate.And you all know why Because she didn’t hear the phone ringing in da club and she didn’t feel her purse, she had no clue he had called. actually she was dodging his call, but whatever. BUT, Kim’s plan was thrown into action ASAP, and she had planned to go to Northgate with some other friends. Low and behold, there was C-Money ALONE at the ATM, and he got those digits whether he liked it or not With a little help from the four tequila shots she had taken before going out.

Karaoke Krew: So we’ve seen you at karaoke a lot lately. Is this because of C-Money?

The HOT CHICKS: Woah, woah, woah! Now don’t get us wrong, C-money’s a cool guy, but we like the dollar shots...and Emixalot's mad skillz (the King did didn't even have to add that plug.)

Karaoke Krew: So, how does C-Money play the game?

The HOT CHICKS: Well, he tries to get our attention by showing off his HOTT weather skills. Well maybe it will be better shown in list form:

1. C-Money gave Kim a nice rendition of "Nice and Slow" to welcome her into the world of legal drinking. And bought her her first shot of the night, none other than a Jager Bomb.
2. He has shown his pimp-ass ride off by starting it with the touch of a button on his key chain. (a truck that big has got to be compensating for something)
3. He has now named two hurricanes. Expect Hurricane Kim and Hurricane Lindsay to roll into town any day now.
4. He has tried to awe us with a personal weather forecast detailing the storm last Thursday night.
5. He is trying to seduce us and get us drunk by showing us the local wine bar.

Karaoke Krew: So, have any of his efforts worked so far?

The HOT CHICKS: We don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but you should be seeing Julie, Kim and Lindsay at many more karaoke nights to come.

Well thanks ladies. I feel we have a better understanding now of how the night really went. Thanks for your numbers time.


Blogger txweatherman said...

What can I say? I got skills!!!!

8:54 PM  
Blogger pdoogie said...

"We have seen better covert ops skills from Pee-Wee Herman in a movie theatre" It seemed pretty smooth at the time but I was drunk

11:59 PM  
Anonymous The Multitasker said...

Those gurls are pretty easy...should I say they play in multiples of three.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous kln said...

im super impressed CT :)

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

That third comment is so not true about us! Our friend Blake was just trying to be a smartass, actually I think he's just jealous!

12:49 PM  

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