Monday, July 11, 2005

The CKE Answers Your Questions

We have spoken
Ok. So, the Council of Karaoke Elders has been completely flooded with emails every week, and -- honestly -- we're getting sick of it (we're actually not, but saying we are adds to the drama).

The emails are usually questions about general karaoke happenings, blog entries, and a whole lot of people just want to know what is actually going on in the C-Money Money-Shot-o-the-Week.

So here is where all that excitment will take place: a periodic update on the captions, questions, and general comments put before the CKE.

Did C-Money decide what team he was on?
Well, according to our informal survey (that only seven people responded to -- y'all suck!!) it's tied between "rap" (3) and "both" (3). So if you add the "rap" votes (3) and half of the "both" (1.5) together, you end up with "rap" winning (because 3+1.5=4.5 > 1+1.5=2.5...confusing enough for you?!) So technically, "rap" is the team that C-Money should be on, but he's still doing both because he's as confused as ever -- especially after that little math lesson.
-- D-Gert

Why is Emixalot single?
To avoid a conflict of interest, I (D-Gert) am fielding this question.
Emix is single for one very simple reason. It's a reason that many might suspect, but it's probably not the one you're thinking about right now. No one should have much trouble guessing why Emixalot is single. In fact, it's so simple lots of people miss it because it's staring them in the face. So here's the answer: ... You know what? It's such a simple answer, I'm not going to answer the question. Just figure it out. You probably already have.
-- D-Gert...but I already said that

Was White Chocolate ever in a gang?
Well, I really was hoping to avoid digging into her past too much, but since we have literally been flooded with mail NOT about this question, I feel it must be answered. According to Harris County arrest records from 1996, Lindsey "White Chocolate" Rodgers has been arrested on 29 counts of criminal mischief and vandalism all involving a group that called themselves -- are ya ready for this? -- the "Sexual White Chocolates;" a group, you may have most recently heard about, when one of their founding members -- Martha "M-diddy" Stewart -- was arrested and jailed for "lying with to investigators".
-- Emixalot

Where is DJ FULLY?
Ok -- So we haven't actually received any emails about this, but we needed another queston to make it an even number. But if any of you are concerned, don't worry, DJ Fully will be back after his Hopelessly-White-And-There-Is-No-Help, But-I-Want-To-Rap-So-I-Will-Try-Anything-To-Be-Black camp is over. But there really is no telling how long that could take.
-- Emixalot...but I already said that too.


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